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Manufacturing Unit

We have a well-equipped manufacturing unit which consists of well-designed hygienic plant, modern and effective infrastructure and eco-friendly work environment with all the necessary machinery, required technicians and knowledge to produce and procure internationally acceptable quality and packaging requirements. It also consist of all types of amenities available within factory premises such as research & development set up, testing laboratory, computerized administrative offices with latest communication facilities and transportation. Our manufacturing team consists of highly skilled personnel like engineers, pharmacists, science and commerce graduates, skilled and experienced employees.
We offer a wide range of cosmetic items like hair relaxer cream, hair oil, hair cream, hair styling gel, shampoos and conditioners, various types of face and body creams, aromatherapy oil, talcum powder, petroleum jelly, Mehendi items etc. with international standards from Bangladesh.
Our products are widely accepted in local as well as in the exports markets.
We are offering all above mentioned items in the private label and customized as per buyer’s requirements and specifications.